Non-Linear Technology


NLT SPINE’s non-linear technology platform enables the insertion of large implants and instruments through a small incision in the body. All implants and instruments required for the procedure are inserted straight into the body and upon reaching their destination, deflect to form a predefined configuration.

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The Future of MISS


The growing trend towards minimally invasive spinal surgery in order to lessen postoperative discomfort, shorten convalescence and curtail hospitalization expenses comes with compromise. Non-linear technology overcomes MISS limitations with a complete approach to the MISS procedure.


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NLT SPINE develops a variety of expandable products and technologies for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). Our products enable implants and instruments to be inserted through a smaller incision and to expand into their final size and configuration, when inside the body.


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December 11, 2014
December 3, 2013