Pipeline Products

The products are not available for sale in the USA.

PROW FUSION-V™ - Expandable Intervertebral Fusion Device

NLT SPINE is fast developing its unique interbody fusion (IBF) device for TLIF. The PROW FUSION-V™ implant can be expanded to the desired height for distraction and good endplate-to-endplate compression, or the desired lordosis for sagittal restoration. This new IBF device features a large window for bone graft and provides for a significant deployment range that can benefit in clinical flexibility for the spine surgeon. Additionally, the implant can be packed with bone graft post-deployment to increase the contact surface between bone and endplate, intended to ensure a good fusion.

The PROW FUSION-V™ is currently under development and is expected to be launched during 2015, pending regulatory clearances.

PROW FUSION-V™ - An interbody expandable implant

PROW FUSION-L™ - Lateral Intervertebral Fusion Device

PROW FUSION-L™, a lateral Interbody Fusion (IBF) implant, based on NLT SPINE’s patented non-linear technology, is designed for small incisions and is then deployed within the interbody space to provide a large implant footprint and greater stability. Its unique design allows for a 12mm access through the psoas muscle upon entry, minimizing retraction and avoiding damage to the neural elements. The PROW FUSION-L™ provides a large bone graft window, up to double the size of other lateral IBF implants in market today.

PROW FUSION-L™ - A lateral interbody fusion system


SIJ- Expandable Screw

The 'Expandable-Screw' for SIJ fixation and fusion is a state-of-the-art device implementing NLT's in-situ expanding technology.

The percutaneous (over-the-wire) device has a small, 6.5 mm, initial diameter, and is implanted similar to common practice and with ‘industry standard’ instruments. The device has a fully reversible expansion capability to immediately increase fixation in the surrounding bone and also prevent 'unthreading' and migration.

After expansion, fusion promoting material can be injected into the device and out the fenestrations for optimal packing and contact with surrounding tissue.